Here are some photos of some of my rocking chairs made of different kinds of wood. Prices start at $4500 and can exceed $6000. Each chair is a special piece of functional art. Price differences are mainly due to the cost of the wood though at times certain other issues come up when making a chair that can increase the cost.  Call or email if you are interested in a chair or other piece of furniture. Chairs can be bade in different sizes but my regular size chair seems to fit almost everyone. Notice the marble table top from Morocco with 340 to 360 million year old fossils and a mesquite base. I can make tables with wood tops, marble tops, and petrified wood tops with nice bases made of diffferent kinds of wood.  I have slabs of mesquite, walnut, mango, monkey pod, hickory/pecan, blue gum eucalyptus and can get many other types of wood for tables or other projects.